Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Faceless Frey: Taking the Iron Throne Part 3

With Tommen and Varys out of the way, Faceless Frey seizes the Iron Throne for himself. He gets comfortable, careful not to inadvertently stab himself and cuts himself a slice of spider pie, a great follow up to little bird pie. As he eats, he hears crashes and shouts and screams outside the throne room. The doors burst open and three growing dragons push their way inside. Their three riders, Dany, Tyrion, and Jon Snow step off and take their place before Faceless Frey, challenging him for the Iron Throne. Ghost wanders in sometime later to take his place beside Jon, clearly not a fan of the dragon riding. His red eyes stare at Faceless Frey. Faceless Frey looks out at them, trying to let his nerves show. He was not expecting this, for these three to actually get their act together and find their way to him. He takes another bite of pie and mulls over the possibilities of what to do. All he knows, is that he must act fast!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Faceless Frey: Taking the Iron Throne Part 2

Faceless Frey coaxes little Tommen off of the Iron Throne with promises of pie and puppies. Tommen sits enjoying his mother pie and Ser Pounce makes fast friends with Willas' puppies, engaging in a rousing game of tug-of-war with the ball of yarn. Faceless Frey looks at the Iron Throne as says aloud, "It's mine!" Then, out of nowhere, Varys slips from the shadows to confront him. Faceless Frey was prepared for this though and pulls out another pie to await the confrontation.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Faceless Frey: Taking the Iron Throne Part 1

After vanquishing the fake dragon, Faceless Frey departs from the Stormlands and makes his way to King's Landing. He takes advantage of Cersei's weakened state in the wake of Kevan's death and makes quick work of her. Then he enters the throne room and finds little Tommen sitting upon the Iron Throne, a crown heavy on his brow. Ser Pounce plays with a string of yarn that King Tommen dangles over the side of the throne. Faceless Frey smiles in his mind and calls in the reinforcements. Willas' puppies trot in behind him as he walks in.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Faceless Frey: Taking the Iron Throne Preview Part 2

Facless Frey has a few more faces he has to face before he can take the Iron Throne. Let's see who these players are.

Faceless Frey: Taking the Iron Throne Preview

Now that Faceless Frey has made the eight pies, he has set his eyes on the Iron Throne. Let's take a look at some of the obstacles standing in his way.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making the Eight...Pies

Making the Eight...Pies: the entire journey together. Faceless Frey now turns his eyes toward the Iron Throne. Stay tuned for his continued adventure. The conquest does not end here. Faceless Frey will take over the world!

Making the Eight...Pies: Last stop, The Stormlands

After sending off the raven to see Sam at the citadel, Faceless Frey finally departs for The Stormlands. He has heard rumors that baby Aegon was never killed after all and has returned to Westeros after a long exile across the Narrow Sea to get his rightful kingdom back. Faceless Frey clearly has other ideas and does not quite believe that this Aegon is the real Aegon. When he meets Aegon in the guise of Young Griff, he offers the blue haired boy a slice of dragon fire pie as a test to see if he is really who he says he is. The results are obvious.

Faceless Frey has done what he set out to do. He has made the eight and now he looks toward his next task, taking the Iron Throne!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Making the Eight...Pies: Off to The Reach!

After returning Areo's axe, Faceless Frey heads off to The Reach. He makes a quick stop in Horn Hill and then goes to Highgarden. He has never been there before but is pleased to find the name so literal. It is a garden that is up high. He was all set to make some Willas pie, but Willas Tyrell had other ideas, leaving him both The Reach and his puppies!

Making the Eight...Pies: To Dorne!

After dropping Rickon and Shaggy off in Winterfell with a Skagosian guard complete with unicorns, Faceless Frey head south to Dorne. He is pleased with the change in weather. He heads off to the water gardens and delivers a blood orange pie to Doran Martell as they watch the children play together. "All it needs is a little meat," he tells him and reaches for Areo Hotah's axe.

Making the Eight...Pies: The North Remembers

Now a King in the eyes of the Ironborn, Faceless Frey journeys north for his toughest challenge yet. He is well aware that the North remembers. Wyman Manderly taught him that lesson well. Though he feels he has well made up for any minor involvement he may have had in the infamous Red Wedding (it really was minor, almost non existent), by baking anyone related to him into a pie, he still feels it best to not press his luck. Instead, he skips Winterfell and those scary scary Boltons and whatever else may or may not be going on up there and goes straight to Skagos. The Skagosians welcome him as they share an interest in "pie making". Faceless Frey beseeches barely there Rickon Stark and his faithful direwolf, Shaggydog to rule the North in his stead. To gain their loyalty, he promises to keep them well stocked with his pies!

Making the Eight...Pies: Calling a Kingsmoot!

After selling out of the delicious Sweetrobin pie in the Eyrie, Faceless Frey decides it's time to call a Kingsmoot on the Iron Islands. Others offer promises of war or jewels or peace, but Faceless Frey offers simply a pie, Crow's Eye Pie. "What is dead can never die," he says, "but it can be baked in a pie!" Cries and shouts of "Faceless Frey King" fill the salty sea air. Faceless Frey has won!

Making the Eight...Pies: On to the Vale!

Growing tired of songs about pie, Faceless Frey moves on to the Vale. After making quick work of both Harry the Heir and Littlefinger (because he's just that good), he sets his sights on little Lord Robert, hoping to add Sweetrobin Pie to the menu at the newly installed Moon Door Pie stand!

Making the Eight...Pies: Next stop, The Westerlands!

After leaving Harrenhal in Hot Pie's capable hands, Faceless Frey heads off to the Westerlands. With Tywin and Kevan Lannister both dead, Tyrion off across the Narrow Sea, Cersei stuck in Kings Landing, Jaime running around the Riverlands likely being chased down by Harrenhal Pie makers, and no one else really worth mentioning amongst the Lannister clan, taking Casterly Rock was pretty easy. Faceless Frey is a little unimpressed by the Rock though after all he had heard. When the locals try to serenade him with endless versions of the Rains of Castamere, made famous again at the Red Wedding (which he had absolutely nothing to do with...really), he begs them to sing him a song about pie!

Making the Eight...Pies: First stop, The Riverlands!

In his quest for world domination, Faceless Frey heads to each of the Seven Kingdoms, plus The Riverlands to "make the eight" as (tv show) Robert Baratheon would say. For his first stop, he sets out to take The Riverlands stronghold Harrenhal, turning it into a giant pie factory. After plucking Hot Pie from the obscurity of that inn we last saw him at, Faceless Frey names him castellan and head pie maker of the newly opened Harrenhal Pies!

Faceless Frey asks: What is the direwolf equivalent of Dracarys?

Faceless Frey asks: How many Frey's does it take to make Frey Pie?

Faceless Frey hopes chainmail will protect him!

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