Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sketch of the day

After a sometimes inspiring and sometimes depressing job discussion session with a family friend, I decided I would work on my action pose drawing is the result. Not so bad and possibly my new Nanowrimo character.

Soren Finished

It has been a surprisingly productive day...for some things. Here is the finished version of Soren.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup

In the spirit of productivity and my new found obsession with the World Cup, I did a sketch of Landon Donovan today. Yes, sadly USA lost to Ghana in the round of sixteen but he did score 3 goals in total.

Work in Progress: Soren

Since January, I have been working on drawing characters from my friend's novel. It is a steampunk style fantasy story that I have yet to read, but I have had fun drawing the characters. It has given me a lot of opportunity to work on my digital painting skills, which have improved dramatically over the last year and a half or so. This is the latest character, Soren, who I am told is an awkward, hulking figure with massive shoulders and feet like a chimpanzee, which makes swinging on buildings and lamp posts around the city possible.

Starting a blog

So I graduated from college two weeks and three days ago and have been thrown out into the cold, cruel, real world...okay...not really...I am currently living at home, spending my days working on my portfolio and looking for a job. In any case, I promised myself that once I graduated, I would start a blog to help keep me productive. So here it is...the start of the blog...the first post! I know it's too exciting for words.

Thoughts for today? I think the question I am most tired of hearing since I graduated is: "So what are you doing now?"